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eyewear doesn't
have to be
a luxury

Change comes from each one of us and, as a brand, we want to be the an active part of a system that does not accept compromises: the Earth is our home, we are committed to defend and protect the well-being of our planet without having to impact the quality and style of the products.
We use sustainable and durable materials. Our design is carefully studied to reduce waste to the minimum, if there is any excess it is recycled, reused or repurposed.

We are eager to decrease our environmental footprint more and more.


The bio-based handmade acetate we use has the highest percentage of natural ingredients.

It is made of wood pulp, cotton seeds, natural additives (DEP free) and it uses plant-oil based colors. It decomposes over time by actions of biological organisms and processes, reducing the amount of total waste in landfills.


Stainless Steel has a minimum impact on the environment, keeping our products green. 

It is the most sustainable material: it can be recyled infinite times without losing its characteristics.


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